Friday, April 9, 2010

New Before and After!

So life has been pretty crazy over here but thats just how i like it ;0) We just recently got new carpet installed in our house (by recently i mean a couple days ago ;0) which is great considering how nasty/frightening the old stuff was! The front room was all tile...that looked like cheap bathroom tile.Nice. So we my husband and his dad had fun ripping all of that out for the carpet! Thanks guys! Anywho, so you get the full experience i will show you a few before and after pics ;0) These first ones are how we 'inherited' the front room..warning: these might
hurt your eyes a little! ;0)

This is what it looks like NOW...after we removed wallpaper, painted the walls and the fireplace, built a mantel and got new carpet! The room isnt completely finished yet (almost) but its lookin a little better than it did ;0)

What do you think?! We also tiled a little 5ft by 7ft entryway by the front door. It was my first attempt at tiling and i love how it turned out! Matt and i layed the tiles and i grouted it all by myself while he was at work! I will just show you a few close ups of the can see the whole thing after we get new baseboards..cause the picture will look better ;0)

Matt and i enjoy fixing up our place..we like to call it 'sweat equity.'


  1. I<3 your style!

  2. Wow! Your home is beautiful, you have excellent taste!

  3. What a change! It looks flawless!

  4. Thanks youguys! Its a work in progress ;0)

  5. I'm following you here too! I love your redos! Great work!

  6. Wow! That looks amazing! Can you come do that to my living room??? :)