Monday, July 20, 2009

My decorating style

So ive been collecting decor ideas that i love for quite some time now...and here are some of my faves! Matt and i both decided that we want a 'happy house'... A place that is bright, cozy and welcoming :0) Hopefully i can fit all of these cute ideas into our home...♥

Thursday, July 16, 2009

..Any Suggestions?

So i have been looking EVERYWHERE for cute design ideas..mostly online. I bought this decorating book and its pretty dang awesome :0)

If you have a favorite place to find design ideas online or a magazine that you like open to suggestions! :0)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To Paint...or not to paint...

So im planning on doing ALOT of painting when we move in to our place and I REALLY want to paint the, before you think im crazy here me out :0) I think all of the brick in the living room makes the room feel darker and by painting the fireplace i think it will really lighten up the room and make it a little more modern...ive attached some pictures of painted fireplaces...tell me what you think! Have you had any good/bad experiences painting brick? Here is the fireplace i want to attack with paint...Am a crazy or do the white fireplaces look MUCH nicer?!

Painted fireplaces:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our First House ♥

So heres the story. We decided earlier this year that we are sick and tired of wasting money on rent SO we began the hunt for our first house..Weve been looking for months now and have learned A LOT along the way. This whole 'bying a house' thing isnt as easy as it sounds! While we were looking for homes we fell in love with a little mountain town called Paradise which is about 15 minutes from chico (where i work) and 20 minutes from Oroville (where Matt works). We also like the fact that it is very pretty and in the mountains :0) We have been interested and made offers on other homes that didnt quite work out. At the time we didnt understand but now its obvious that everything happens for a reason. We are now in escrow with this house in Paradise... its a pretty good-sized home with alot of character! We have plans to update and decorate the place and i will document what we do here (after we move in and get around to it that is) :0) So here are some pictures of the house we are buying!
Heres the front of the house.

It has a circle driveway.

Front room.

Dining room.


Out of embarrassment, I may not show you the other rooms until i make them pretty..unless you REEEALLY want to see them ;0)
Our street.

The church is right down the road...we could walk there! There is also a nice park with a fishing pond and a baseball field in walking distance :0) Were scheduled to move in next month..Let me know what you think!