Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our First House ♥

So heres the story. We decided earlier this year that we are sick and tired of wasting money on rent SO we began the hunt for our first house..Weve been looking for months now and have learned A LOT along the way. This whole 'bying a house' thing isnt as easy as it sounds! While we were looking for homes we fell in love with a little mountain town called Paradise which is about 15 minutes from chico (where i work) and 20 minutes from Oroville (where Matt works). We also like the fact that it is very pretty and in the mountains :0) We have been interested and made offers on other homes that didnt quite work out. At the time we didnt understand but now its obvious that everything happens for a reason. We are now in escrow with this house in Paradise... its a pretty good-sized home with alot of character! We have plans to update and decorate the place and i will document what we do here (after we move in and get around to it that is) :0) So here are some pictures of the house we are buying!
Heres the front of the house.

It has a circle driveway.

Front room.

Dining room.


Out of embarrassment, I may not show you the other rooms until i make them pretty..unless you REEEALLY want to see them ;0)
Our street.

The church is right down the road...we could walk there! There is also a nice park with a fishing pond and a baseball field in walking distance :0) Were scheduled to move in next month..Let me know what you think!


  1. How fun you guys!! I cant believe you are getting a house! When you guys get all moved in we want to come see it.

  2. Wow, that house is beautiful! I especially love the dining room/kitchen with the brick. It is so cute! Gorgeous hardwood floors too! We're happy for you guys.

  3. SUPER EXCITING!! What a cute house! I'm in love with it too. I'm sure you'll do amazing things with it. Congratulations!

  4. We're SO excited for you! Can't wait to see it IN PERSON!! It'll be 'magazine beautiful' after you do your magic on it!!!! (I love the circular driveway, too!) And, the upstairs rooms are going to be ENTIRELY cool after a little re-do! Love, Mom and Dad G.

  5. Thanks guys! Alison- it would be SO FUN if uguys could visit! :0)

  6. Well, I guess I need to check your blog more often:) Didn't know you had your eyes on another place yet! That is totally awesome! Is it near where the other house was? Can't wait to see it and see what you guys do to it.....I never put anything past you two:)
    Love, momb

  7. I love all the windows and the arches. Decorating a house is so much fun and I know that your house is going to look awesome!

  8. Hi! I"m Amee from Florida. :)
    I've stumbled upon your blog and love your decorating style! I've read so many of your entries....and I I love what y'all have done to your house! Awesome job!!