Thursday, July 16, 2009

..Any Suggestions?

So i have been looking EVERYWHERE for cute design ideas..mostly online. I bought this decorating book and its pretty dang awesome :0)

If you have a favorite place to find design ideas online or a magazine that you like open to suggestions! :0)


  1. - It's Better Homes & Gardens online and there's tons more ideas and I think you can design rooms on their site. Also, is a good place to buy decorative items (and anything, really) - their selection changes often and you can't beat their flat rate shipping charges - $2.95 for your ENTIRE order. (Sometimes they have a special for $1.00 shipping, but it doesn't apply to books.) They sell some high end things, so the prices aren't always the very cheapest, but I've been pleased with all the things I've purchased from Overstock. Kinda fun just to browse! Love, Mom G.

  2. Whatever happened to being ORIGINAL?

  3. Design ( awesome site for inspiration) actually the blog world is FULL of ideas and fun! Thrifty Decor chic does alot of fun stuff to her house on a great budget.
    Young House lOve is another great blog about a couple fixing up their home
    The Lettered Cottage!
    ha Have fun!